Into the Talent-Verse: The Rise of the Talent Optimizer

If you put Spider-Man and an average human side-by-side in a high-pressure situation, say a fight with Green Goblin, their differences would be obvious. 

Spider-Man has superhero strength, reflexes, agility, and balance. He’s hyper-aware of impending danger, and he utilizes tools like web-shooters and pincers to accomplish his goals and outsmart his enemy.

The average human has good intentions, but none of the above skills or tools. 

Spider-Man has a great chance of defeating Green Goblin. The average human? Not so much. But what if there was a way to level the playing field?

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Your Guide to A Hiring Strategy That Actually Works

When you look over candidates for a key open position, do you feel a sense of dread?

When you find the perfect candidate, do you always seem to lose them?

Or, when you finally hire someone, has their performance been underwhelming?

It’s a common quandary in today’s high-stakes, fast-moving labor landscape. But we’re here to help. If you can implement even a few foundational pieces from our mountain of tips, your hiring strategy will go from “rocky” to “rock solid.”

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Culture Fit Interview Questions: Everything You Need to Know

When hiring, you must determine whether candidates will thrive in the role, on the team, and within the company culture. Asking the right culture fit interview questions allows you to determine candidate culture fit. 

High-performing companies look beyond the briefcase. After all, a pedigreed resume reveals nothing about a person’s values, passions, interests, and beliefs. It gives zero insight into the candidate’s preferred work environment. Put simply, companies that interview the whole person make better hiring decisions.

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Attracting Top Talent In 2023

There’s no denying it: The employer-employee dynamic has flipped — maybe for good. 

If you’re a hiring manager or business leader, you’ve probably seen it firsthand. Good candidates for key roles are scarce. They left jobs during The Great Resignation in no hurry to return, or they’re taking advantage of sudden supply-and-demand leverage. Many highly skilled professionals, across a range of industries, are fielding multiple interviews at a time, parlaying the competition into a best-possible package. 

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How to Hire for Hard-to-Fill Positions

For many PI clients, hiring is constantly top-of-mind. As their organizations grow, the need to fill new roles increases, too. Yet you’d be surprised how many hires for hard to fill jobs don’t work out.

In the 2020 State of Talent Optimization Report, PI found that only 49% of last year’s hires were considered good hires. When trying to fill a position, it’s essentially a coin flip whether or not you’ll be satisfied with the final choice!

When hiring for hard to fill jobs how do you get the right talent in the right seats? How do you ensure you don’t leave things to chance?

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Finding the Right Talent, Regardless of Market Conditions

When candidates are plentiful, finding just the right fit for the job, the team and the organization can be difficult: with so many good options it can be hard to make a choice.

When candidates are scarce, it can be even more difficult. In fact, the PI 2019 CEO benchmarking report uncovered that the number one challenge CEOs currently face is “finding the right talent.”

But even with tight market conditions, talent optimization makes it possible to find the right talent for any opening you have.

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